5 Reasons to Start Your Own Vegetable Garden

There is a new trend now to grow your own food recently as the food prices are soaring and concerns on environmentalally issues. Some people find it relaxing and healthy to do gardening. Why do you need to start growing your vegetables at your garden? Five reasons are explained below:

– As the prices of gasoline and foods increase, so do your expenses. Everybody knows that growing your own vegetables and fruits will reduce your spending. In this time of crises, people try to save as much as possible. Planting your own vegetable is one of the ways.

– Access to affordable and fresh organic food every day form your garden. There is not any doubt that organic food has better quality and tastes. So do your vegetable from your garden. You know the quality of food you eat as you are the farmer and processor. You know exactly which fertilizer and pesticides you use to your vegetables as you are the farmers! This increases the security of the food you consume. You produce your ecofriendly food by planting your garden with your food.

– Ecofriendly as your food is not transported from far away places. It does not use any fossil fuel there before it does not produce any pollution. You notice that during winter, you get tomatoes in supermarket from other side of the world. Not only it is not fresh after days of transportation but also consumes more fossil energy.

– You plant and eat food by seasons. You become more integrated to nature as you go along with the season for planting and consuming. In addition, you observe, spend time and understand nature better as you see more when you are working on your garden.

– Free, relaxing and healthy activity whenever you wish. You do not need to go to expensive clubs to be healthy and well-being. Gardening is healthy for both your mental and physical health. Moreover, you can do gardening with your other family member or friends, as long as they also love it. It is a nice way to spend time together.

Start doing something is not something easy but knowing the benefit you get from your vegetable garden will make you moved. Have you decided which vegetables you want to plant for this season?


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