Plastic Garden Mulch – Which Color Is Best?

Plastic Garden Mulch is available in several different colors. Each color has different uses in the garden. This article will review which color is best for which crop. Your choices include red, black, olive, brown, blue, metallic on black, and white on black.

Red Mulch – This is absolutely the best mulch for tomatoes. It will increase the yield up to 20% over using black mulch. Red mulch maximizes light reflected toward the plants. It will reflect more light early in the season while the plant is small, allowing the plants to grow much more quickly and therefore produce tomatoes earlier. Other crops that benefit from this color are peppers, melons and strawberries.

Black Mulch – This is a general purpose mulch that basically has three major benefits. It will raise the soil temperature, allowing for higher vegetable yields. It will suppress weeds, and it also helps to reduce water loss.

Olive Mulch – This is basically a cross between the black mulch and clear mulch. It will warm the soil to a higher temperature than black mulch. It will suppress weeds much better than clear mulch. It is a general purpose mulch.

White Mulch – This is ideal for cool weather crops such as lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. This mulch has a black bottom side for weed control. The white top will help to keep the soil temperatures down while reflecting light back into the plant.

Blue Mulch – This will produce a slightly higher soil temperature than black mulch. It reflects a different portion of the light spectrum than the other plastic mulch. It will result in higher yields (up to 20%) of summer squash, cucumbers and melons.

Brown Mulch – This color will give a higher soil temperature than black mulch and better weed control than olive mulch.

Metallic Mulch – This is something that should be used on a trial basis. It has been found to reduce certain insect populations, reducing the need for some pesticides. It is thought that the reflective properties confuse the insects. It has been found to reduce aphids in melons, squash and cucumbers, as well as whitefly populations.

If you have never gardened with plastic mulch, you are missing out. I have been using this in my personal garden for about 10 years. I can definitely attest to the benefits of plastic garden mulch. A better yield with less back breaking weeding is just what I enjoy about it. Get more information on this product here.


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