Examples of Spring Bulbs in the Garden

February gold grows to a height of 25cm or 10in. It is short, sturdy and one of the longest flowering of all the dwarf daffodils. It has a long, golden trumpet with swept back petals, so reminiscent of its parent. It looks lovely under planted with white or purple large Dutch crocus. Crocus large Dutch purple reaches a height of 10cm or 4in and is a pivotal player in the spring garden, providing a carpet of bright color for the early dwarf daffodils.

Night time frosts are to be expected and endured, but as the flowers open in the morning sun, they reveal their gorgeous orange stamens. Jet fire, with a height of 25cm or 10in, is similar in shape to February gold, having the same fly away petals. But the trumpet is more orange rather than yellow, making it a perfect partner for any late purple crocus as well as the streaked orange tulips.

Double early tulip reaches a height of 20cm or 8in and has a mass of vibrant orange red petals, a bold combination wherever it grows, whether in borders or containers. This tulip is excellent with blue or yellow hyacinth, re, orange, yellow or blue primroses or with polyanthus. Double early tulips peach blossom reaches a height of 2ocm or 8in and is one of the most popular of all the early dwarf tulips.

It has such a delicate combination of colors in its myriad of petals and looks stunning with blue grape hyacinths, a combination which will last for many happy weeks. Double early tulip grows to a height of 20cm and is one of several early double tulips, all of which are lovely in garden borders and containers. Early to flower, sturdy and long lasting, they have wide flowering heads which make them a valuable ingredient where planting space is limited.


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