Garden Essentials For Bird Lovers

There's nothing better than having lots of birds in your garden. Even if you live in a city and have a small garden you can still attract lots of specifies of birds. As long as you put out some food for them regularly they will soon make your garden a regular stop.

Putting out food is the easiest way to attract birds to your garden. Any kind of food will do if you don't want to spend money on wild bird food every week. Nearly everyone has old bread that they don't eat. Instead of throwing it in the bin you can feed it to your feathered friends as long as you make sure you soak it in water overnight. This will make it nice and soft and easy to digest for the birds.

One item that is essential to any garden is a bird table. This will be the focal part of the garden where all the birds will come and feast. It's a good idea to position it somewhere central where cats and other predators will find it difficult to sneak up. You can find bird tables that aren't expensive if you are on a budget. However if you've got the money you can find some really elaborately designed bird tables available online.

The feeding table is the most important thing to have in your garden if you hoping to attract lots of birds. However you shouldn't stop there because there's one more thing which many people overlook and that's a bird bath.

Bird baths are vital and it's a shame that many people don't bother with them. In my opinion there's nothing more enjoyable than watching birds frolicking about in the water cleaning their feathers. Cleaning the feathers isn't the only use for a bird bath though. They are also used for drinking water.

Birds often have difficulty finding places to drink, especially during the winter when many of their usual water supplies are frozen over. During the dry months of the summer water can also be difficult to find so a bird bath really is a vital part of your garden.

Once you begin feeding birds regularly they can come to depend on you for food and water so keep this in mind when you start feeding them. Try not to suddenly stop feeding them as they will be wondering why their food supply has suddenly vanished!


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