The Garden Rooms That Crack Quantum Physics

Richard Dawkins has a wonderful childlike curiosity about theology and an unmistakable drive to outwit every religious argument which supports faith. What if his repeated insistence on hard scientific evidence finally bore fruit? From the intangibly tiny medications of homeopathic care to the unfathomable reaches of dark matter and super massive black holes, the thread of universal evolution inextricably binds us all and future enlightenment could come from garden rooms.

It was a tangent thought triggered by listening to the Royal Homeopathic Hospital Director wrestle with his science training against the reality that his patients improved beyond placebo explanation. That Doctor is not alone in his profession. There is certainly more to life than can be proven with our limited array of scientific tests. Even the training manuals of medical students, such as the Oxford Handbooks of Clinical Medicine, encourage theological and philosophical thought and understanding of mankind's need for forgiveness and belief in something beyond visible reality which makes sense of our current situation and offers a reason for being.

Theological, astronomical and philosophical development is a common generation of garden rooms doctors: the ever increasing number of doctors who are installing private research rooms and detached garden rooms for development of their ideas and expression of their invention. Given the current exponential growth in understanding even within the quantum field, it may be reasonable to assume that future developments emerging from these hidden garden rooms could make a direct link between dark matter and that elusive raison d'etre in the form of discovering a new pattern of information.

The atmosphere created is perfect for discovery. Removed from the shadows of other buildings, the detachment of the studio is akin to that of the hypothetical man-cave. Isolated and custom-made, these garden rooms allow intense study of exceptional standard due to their high thermal and sound insulation – a dam for distraction. Those committed to evolutionary development have just the right environment within the private garden studio to crack their quantum questions with passion.


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