Garden Arbors

If you have had the opportunity to walk through a true English garden, you may have passed beneath an arbor at the entrance or somewhere within the garden. They are become more and more prominent in gardens around the world and they are very appealing when attempting to segregate your large garden in to sections. Prices for arbors range from very inexpensive and made from weather resistant wicker to very complex and beautifully crafted pieces that include swings and benches on either side of the 'doorway'. When properly positioned, an arbor can lend an air of mystery to a portion of your garden which will surely have your guest talking about your amazingly beautiful garden even long after they have left.

Arbors at one point in time were used to give grape vines a place to climb and grow, supporting the fruit. They are still in use in wine making areas specifically for that purpose. Nowadays they are used just as a unique entrance into many gardens, even if the backyard is very small. Users can set their arbors close the entrance or exit of your house. Maybe it leads to a small secluded bench or chaise lounge in which you enjoy sitting in and reading. Or it could step down onto a small path into a nice lush grassy area. No matter where your arbor leads, it is your garden and your private space.

Climbing plants of any variety like the frame an arbor provides them and if you have your arbor situated in the perfect spot, you will have a beautiful and natural tunnel in your garden. You can further make your arbor a showpiece by adding coordinating flowers around it, along the path that leads to it, or even in just some simple planters that stand before it. How you decorate your arbor is only limited by your imagination.

Multiple arbors in a garden, especially if they are made of wood and hand crafted by a master wood worker can make in interesting configuration when set three together. Ambitious gardeners can section off their garden this way and have each area holding different things that are relaxing and attractive. Maybe one of the arbors leads to a small reflection pool and benches beneath a willow tree. Another could lead to what looks like a slightly overgrown weed bed that is actually an herb garden. The third could go to a nice verdant lawn that the children can play on. All of these ideas are made easier by using an arbor to help partition your beloved garden.

Arbors can even be used in front gardens as the entrance to your fenced in yard. Once again, it can be covered with colorful flowers or left bare to bask in the material it was constructed in as its own addition. Arbors off a lot of different options to the gardener in all of us, and they are worth having in our garden for a nice change of place.


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