3 Main Benefits of Growing Cannabis in a Greenhouse

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, more growers have realized that optimal growing happens in greenhouse environments. Even growers who began their indoor grow operations in warehouses have transitioned to greenhouses for more efficient growing and major cost savings.

Here are just a few of the key benefits to growing your cannabis crops in greenhouses:

Take advantage of natural light

A greenhouse combines the tight control of an indoor grow facility with the benefit of natural sunlight so that growers can choose their location without being restrained by the weather. With the right systems tailored to your geographical climate, plants can be grown all year with growers seeing multiple, high-quality harvests even in the coldest climates. Your greenhouse can be fully automated so that your crops will benefit from the outdoor conditions when they are favorable without the need for constant manual adjustments, ensuring you can grow your product on your terms.

Lower operating costs

The most obvious benefit to greenhouse growing is that the operational costs are significantly lower than what it costs to run an indoor facility. Building a brand new greenhouse facility can be more expensive than the initial setup for an indoor facility, but growers can quickly recoup those costs in a greenhouse environment, sometimes even within the year. The natural light and ventilation that greenhouses allow greatly reduces the need to run heating, lighting and cooling systems that are required to run continually at indoor operations. The supplemental lighting used in a greenhouse also doubles as heat which is especially beneficial during the winter months, once again reducing energy costs. Blackout curtains can easily be installed in the greenhouse for when crops require periods of total darkness.

Grow your business when you’re ready

It’s important to plan for the future when designing your cannabis facility and a greenhouse makes planning for expansion much easier. GGS Gutter Connected Poly Greenhouses are a versatile option suited for just about any crop, including cannabis. They can be expanded upon when needed and are the most economical greenhouse option for large scale growers. The single piece arch rolled into a gothic peak provides superior condensation control and the gutter vents along with other natural ventilation options make for effective and efficient airflow.

GGS has been designing, manufacturing and installing quality greenhouses built to last for more than 40 years. Our number one priority is your ensuring the quality of your plant environment and our dedicated cannabis grow team will assist you with creating your dream greenhouse through every step.

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