Autumn – Preparing Your Garden For Winter

By the fall many people's minds may stray from gardening, but you should be preparing your garden for winter. The weather is usually great in September, October, and even November may have some great days before frost comes and the ground freezes. Preparing your garden for its winter snooze will help it come rapidly to live in the spring!

Weeding, bulbs, and mulch or manure are high on my list.

Weeds, if they've gotten out of control, need to be ripped out before winter. I'll admit I sometimes get lax in late summer, and it's best to yank them out before they get a chance to go to seed and spread.

Also, if you are planting any bulbs, this is the time to do it. You can often find bulbs on sale near the end of the season, and hopefully still catch a beautiful day to plant them. You'll be happy in the spring! I usually plant a few bulbs each fall as I also lose a few to rodents like mice and moles who seem to love crunching them in the fall.

I often mulch or add manure in the fall too. This is fairly quick if you are already weeding the garden.

Are you planning on extending your garden or gardens? If you have a great day, fall is a wonderful time to do this as well.

With a little planning and work, your garden will be ready to pop back to life in the spring and you will be very happy you did!


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