My First Garden – Where to Start?

So you have decided to try your thumbs, or perhaps whole hand at gardening, congratulations! Now, where are you going to start?

First things first, plan ahead.

How much room do you have for this garden?

Space can be a big constraint when it comes to some homes. You may just have a box in your window, or you may have a acre of land.

Is it going to be inside or out?

Your budget and needs are going to change based on whether your garden is inside or out. If it's inside you may need additional lighting, and if it's outside you'll likely have more issue with pests, and the weather may not play nice.

Do you have a budget, and if so what are you going to need to make your first garden a reality? What kind of garden best fits your needs? Are you a flower girl or farming for subsistence?

You want to figure out what your going to grow, and what you'll need to grow it. Make a list if it helps.

The fun begins: get started.

Now, that you have got some idea of ​​what you want in your first garden and how your going to make it happen. shop around. Find yourself a reliable green house, and start shopping. A good green house also has informed help who can throw some advice your way to help you succeed in your first garden.

Once you have everything you need if your garden is indoors it's simply a matter of setting it all up. However if your garden is outdoors your going to want to set your plants outside for a day or two before re potting if they were indoors at the green house. The temperature difference alone can cause plants to go into a bit of shock, couple that with replanting and you may just have a yard full of dead plants. Make sure you ask your local grower if the plants are correctly zoned to stand the cold or hot of your area before placing outdoors as well.

Growing a garden really is easy and enjoyable, and depending on the type of first garden you create you may save yourself some money on groceries in the long run. If your garden doesn't win any awards at first don't feel bad, it's the fun that counts.


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